I guess there’s still some hope!!!

The article is titled Anecdotal Statistical Proof that Women over Forty are not Destined to be Old Maids. NOW… the question is, why am I even posting it here when I’m not even 40 years old??? Am I unconsciously thinking that I’ll turn 40 and I’ll still be single? If I’m unconsciously thinking that then that means I’m seriously doomed. *sigh*sigh



Last week I stopped at Trader Joe’s and bought some hummus.  It was delicious! I ate it in two days (did not share with anyone.)  A tin cost around $3; so I decided to see how difficult it was to make on my own.  It turns out that it’s a simple recipe.  All I need is garbanzo beans, lemon juice, garlic, and olive oil.  The hardest ingredient is Tahini, (a sesame seed paste.)

After watching some videos on YouTube, I couldn’t wait to make my own. I headed to Sprouts, got all the ingredients and make my own version this afternoon.

Once I set out the ingredients on the counter, I realized that I didn’t have olive oil.  The lemons did not look very healthy either, but they were very juice despite their tiny size.

Later, I asked my mom if we had olive oil and we did!!!  I just don’t know where to look 😦  I got all the ingredients ready including some garlic cloves and the chipotle sauce (yes, I made my own version.)

I decided to use the food processor instead of the blender.

After blending it:

It seemed very thick so I added another spoon of tahini and several of water.  Nevertheless, it still was thick and not as smooth as the one I bought at the store.  Once I tasted it, I realized that I put a lot of lemon juice and a lot of garlic.  I added more black olives and chipotle sauce to see if that helped.  It didn’t help much.  I will use this as a learning experience.

My mom tasted it and said that it wasted good even though it was thicker than the store-bought ones.

I put the hummus in a container and then in the refrigerator.  I’ll take it to school to eat with my carrots and as a spread for some sandwiches.  I’m trying to save money and eat healthy.

Overall, I think it was a good recipe.  Despite the garlic and lemon, it’s still eatable.  Next time, I’ll reduce some ingredients.  It was good for my first time!

A New Room

My new room; I feel like a kid again.

I organized SOME of my knitting needles, and SOME of my crochet hooks.

I don’t remember purchasing all of these.

Part of my Collection


I love knitting socks!

Getting Ready to Knit

It’s so soothing to knit with four needles.  I’m not sure why, but it’s true.

I especially love when you turn the heel.  If you are not concentrating, than catastrophe can strike.  I’m not working on the heel yet.  I’m still working on the cuff ribbing.

The Cuff

I bought some Paton’s Kroy self-stripping sock yarn!  🙂  I love self-stripping yarn!  You never know what pattern you’re going to get!

Pattern:  Paton’s Kroy Socks Free Pattern
Yarn:  Patons’s Kroy Sock Yarn:  Summer MOss Jacquard
Needles:  US Size 3

New Project

I visited Michael’s store to find a new project, and selected this needlepoint kit.  It’s a small sunglass case.  It should be good practice for my larger needlepoint projects.  AND, it’s small and portable.

Instructions called for rinsing the thread to remove the extra dye.  I’ve never rinse the thread before even though some other projects have called for it.  I decided to do the extra step this time because I’ll be handling the case quite a bit, and I don’t want my sweat or oil to bleed the colors.

Rinsing Black Thread

It didn’t take long to rinse all the thread.  Right now I’m waiting patiently for it to dry.  Fortunately, it’s warm today in the City of Angels.


I found this Fey video. Such nice song.  I was dancing.

I must learn the dance…

Mueve el Esqueleto! Yeah!!